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Boutcher, Sandra
Teacher, Math and PE
The common thread Sandy sees woven between her teaching and coaching is her desire to see her students and her athletes take on new challenges.
Cannistraci, Rachael
Elementary Teacher
In her free time, Mrs. Cannistraci enjoys art, cooking and studying the Bible. She is thrilled to be back in a Christian environment where Christ is the center of education!
Chan, Michelle
Director of International Student Program
Michelle is passionate about exercising Christian hospitality by crafting culturally-relevant ways to welcome and nurture international students in an American school environment.
Crichton, Kelsey
Elementary Teacher
Details coming soon!
Daft, Donna
Nurse, Health Teacher
Donna feels blessed to be the school nurse and health teacher at BCA and enjoys caring for school-aged children.
Ekholm, Jessi
Art Teacher
Mrs. Ekholm lives in Bristol, RI with her husband, Chris, and two kids, Tyler and Kara, who attend BCA!
Leger, Cara
Teacher, Humanities & Bible
Ms. Leger desires to encourage her students to develop their God-given abilities and to view the world through the lens of Scripture.
Marshall, Cheryl
Elementary Teacher
Mrs. Marshall loves the opportunity to get to know her students, their families, and to pray for and with them. She also loves that BCA encourages teachers to be creative when teaching curriculum!
Narwold, Jessica
Guidance and Admissions Counselor
Jessica constantly strives for ways to encourage her students to succeed academically, socially, and behaviorally.
Sheehan, Bill
Teacher, English
Details coming soon!
Skazinski, Mike
Head of School
Mr. Skazinski is very passionate about leading students and teachers in their growth as learners and creating a mentality that we are all lifelong learners.
Sullivan, Tom
Teacher, Humanities & Bible
Mr. Sullivan is a strong proponent of the use of technology in the class, as well as differentiated instruction, both of which have helped many students achieve their greatest potential.
Sutton, Sue
School Secretary
Sue Sutton graduated from Barrington High School, then Taylor University with a BS Physical Education.
Townsend, Sandy
Art Teacher
Details coming soon!
Tremblay-Reilly, Jenna
Performing Arts Chair
Ms. Tremblay Reilly believes that within art, drama, dance, and music, servant-leaders use the stage to bring truth and light to the world.
Twitchell, Melanie
Teacher, History & Social Studies
Mrs. Twitchell loves her students and encourages them to be critical thinkers and to be resourceful.
Weber, Mark
Director of Community Relations
Weber, Michelle
Director of Finance
Michelle is a problem-solver with a big heart who is always willing to help.
Wright, Al
Director of Athletics
Coaching is his passion and he enjoys seeing his players grow and develop as athletes.
Wright, Kathy
Teacher, Math
Even as a little girl, Kathy Wright could be found with chalk and a blackboard teaching numbers to her neighbors.
Zins, Beth
Elementary Teacher
Ms. Zins teaching experiences have included public and Christian schools, preschool in her home, and almost every other grade as well, both in and out of school.
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