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Characteristics of Professional Excellence

BCA teachers commit to these characteristics as the foundation of their efforts to serve the needs of my students, colleagues, and school by:

Advancing the mission and vision

I conscientiously employ vision-based teaching practices that invite students to lead by serving in every arena of society with passion, skill, integrity, and faith. I flexibly employ a variety of teaching approaches consistent with vision-based learning. In public and in private, I overtly and energetically support and contribute to the vision, philosophy, and goals of the school.

Growing professionally

I actively seek out and take opportunities to grow in all areas of teaching. I am reflective on my teaching practices and value feedback from and collaboration with my colleagues.  

Growing in belief

I commit to growing in my relationship with God individually, with the BCA community, and in fellowship with a local church.  Through prayer, worship, service, and study of God’s word I invite God to work in and through me that I may be a vessel of faith, hope, and love.

Being dedicated to our students’ academic growth

I conscientiously encourage students to see imperfect attempts and mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve. I deliberately design learning situations and assessments to accommodate all students and employ language, instruction, and assessments that emphasize understanding, not just knowledge.

Being committed to our students’ personal growth

I utilize structured and spontaneous opportunities that allow students to grow as individuals and members of various communities.  I seek to instill the wisdom, virtues, and habits of mind needed for them to mature in their faith journey, in their relationships with others, and in their ability to venture through whatever situations they will encounter in life.

Using and maintaining high behavioral standards with restorative practices  

I set and support reasonable, justifiable standards for student behavior. I am committed to using methods of discipline that are helpful and productive in the lives of students. These methods help students to accept responsibility, learn, change, and relate in healthy ways to God and others.

Being positive in our outlook

I deliberately look for the good in students and use that good as the starting point for how I teach and relate to students.  Understanding how our attitudes affect others, I find ways to make it obvious to all students that I am on their side, eager to teach them, believe in their abilities, and work for their success every day.

Committing to excellence  

I know and clearly articulate challenging, appropriate, and purposeful learning standards for students, and help students to gauge their learning relative to those standards. I insist on high-quality work from students and hold them accountable for meeting those standards.

Creating an academically diverse and supportive environment

I provide a nurturing environment that focuses more on mastery than coverage of curriculum. I understand that “one size does not fit” all, and implement diverse teaching strategies for diverse learners.

Contributing to a team environment

I recognize that I am an important member of a community that is learning and working for common purposes.  I contribute my energies to learning and growing together while advancing shared goals.  I publicly and privately, in word and action, support my colleagues in their professional endeavors and use appropriate channels for offering constructive feedback.

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