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As the world of college and life after high school begins to loom large, our multi-year College Counseling program helps each student define their aspirations, set challenging goals, and ultimately find a good fit. At BCA we prepare students to lead and succeed in a range of arenas and give them the tools to move forward with confidence and grace.

At BCA this is about more than just matchmaking; it’s a journey of discovery. Through our counseling program, students learn a great deal about colleges and careers—and about themselves. They also learn that BCA applicants tend to have some distinct advantages: Self-knowledge, authenticity and years of real-world experience, to name a few. College admissions officers are increasingly interested in knowing who a student really is and what really matters to them, inside and out. At BCA this is par for the course: Soul-searching is an integral part of the everyday student experience. No resume-building or questionnaires required!

Our counselors help students plan, monitor and manage their own academic and career development. We know that navigating the college process can be overwhelming for students and parents. That’s why we’re committed to providing the one-on-one time necessary to help each student with decision-making, college searches, and applying for admission and financial aid.

Begin planning for college by visiting our College Information page and checking out the available resources.

College Matriculations of Classes 2010-2019:  COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES

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