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High School 9–12

Get ready to think hard. To confront essential questions about the nature of your world and your place in it. To see everything differently—more deeply, more critically, and with far greater insight. To encounter both the majesty and the fallen-ness of Creation, all from a Biblical perspective. To listen, to speak, to experiment, to debate. Get ready to change into a more powerful, more knowledgeable, more skillful version of yourself.

Our academic program is geared toward college preparation—and that’s just the beginning. You might choose to challenge yourself with one of our growing number of AP courses, or to extend your learning through our new program of field-based classes. Our robust arts program will draw out your creativity, and young artists and actors will discover opportunities for growth that are virtually unprecedented for a school of our size. As the world of college and life after high school begins to loom large, our multi-year college preparation program will help you find a college that is right for you and to move forward with confidence.

High school is a great time to get serious about your faith. BCA’s emphasis on spiritual formation, our college-style Bible classes, our personalized and wide-ranging Mentor Group meetings, and our weekly chapel program with student-led worship all offer opportunities to grow deep and strong in your relationship with Christ. If you’re searching spiritually, BCA is a great place to explore matters of faith among friends and teachers from various Christian backgrounds.

We’re all about “leading by serving in every arena,” and that servant-leadership starts now. In Providence, in inner-city Philadelphia, and even overseas, you will see faces light up with hope as you serve. You will play a game of soccer with orphans. You will provide medical care to an impoverished elder. You will help repair a house for a homeless family. You will do radical, challenging things you didn’t know you were capable of; you will make a lasting difference in someone’s life; and you will never be the same.

High School Curriculum
During their four years of high school, students are required to complete 26 credits, including the 24 credits required under the Rhode Island High School Diploma requirements. The BCA High School Curriculum follows this framework:

*BCA is a partner with Sevenstar Academy and offers online courses for Seniors who are interested in electives beyond what BCA offers. Those listed above are just a few options available.

Mike Skazinski

Mike Skazinski
Head of School

“At BCA High School, you’ll study with teachers who are passionate about their subjects and passionate about teaching. They will push you to your limits, and support you when you come against a wall. They will know you, and they will care about you.”

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