Leading by Serving Starts Now


Vision-Based Learning asks students to “lead by serving in every arena of society.”  How can students access those “arenas” and discover opportunities to lead-by-serving?  How can they connect to Christian community leaders who are prepared to support them in that journey?

Enter the Inspiration Team, whose mission is “inspiring students to discover the relevance of learning and the sacredness of work.”

Headed by Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Financial, the Inspiration Team is a group of dedicated Christian leaders in business and other realms who exemplify “leading by serving in every arena of society with passion, skill, integrity, and faith,” and who are driven by a passion to share their journeys with likeminded students seeking to live their lives with a Kingdom purpose.

These leaders come alongside BCA students and faculty, providing opportunities to lead by serving and modeling what it means to live a Kingdom calling in the workplace.

The spokes of this collaboration include:

  • High school internships that we call “VBL-X.” The “X” is for “experience,” and also for the latin ex, meaning out – these experiences take students out of school and out of their comfort zones as they work out their learning in professional contexts.
  • Special collaborative projects, on or off campus, undertaken together by Inspiration Team members and BCA students
  • Off-campus site visits and shadow days
  • Special guest speakers and panelists
  • Collaborative ministry and service opportunities

Ready to inspire?

Are you a Christian leader in business, the arts, ministry, government, law, the sciences, or some other realm who is passionate about living your Kingdom calling in the workplace?  Are you intrigued by the prospect of helping students to discover how their learning, their professional aspirations, and their faith can intersect for God’s purposes?  If so, please consider joining the Inspiration Team.

Email: dean.harrington@shamrockfinancial.com
Phone: 401-438-0202