Celebrating 40 Years!

At BCA we aim to help all students feel confident about their abilities and use a range of resources and strategies to help them succeed.

Our Goal

At BCA, we know that no two children learn, perceive, or behave in the same way. It is our job to try to understand how God has designed each child, what their strengths are, and in what areas they may need extra support. In the Support Services, it is the goal to help students realize their God-given abilities so they can move toward independence and experience success in the regular classroom as well as gain confidence, lifelong learning skills, and advocacy for themselves.

Understanding Diverse Learners

Many students are adequately engaged and challenged within the traditional classroom. However, some students benefit from accommodations or specialized instruction. These children have different learning styles and rates, strengths and weaknesses. One child may have trouble receiving information through listening or reading. Another may struggle to express ideas verbally or in writing. Some are easily distracted and find following directions or retaining information a challenge. Others have problems keeping track of belongings or organizing their day. Some students come to school with other types of concerns that impact learning. Sometimes complicated tasks can be easily mastered while simple ones are unmanageable. Our goal is to understand and support each individual and their needs. We strive to provide as much individual support and classroom support as our resources permit.