Leading by Serving Starts Now

At BCA we aim to help all students feel confident about their abilities and use a range of resources and strategies to help them succeed.

The Discovery Program

The Discovery Program at BCA caters to students whose learning benefits from special support. We provide several types of services and plans, tailored to individual students’ needs, including: Educational Evaluations, Search & Teach Program, NILD Educational Therapy, Discovery Math, Resource Support, 504 Plans and Individual Service Plans.

Progress Monitoring

In addition, our Coordinator of Special Services conducts literacy progress monitoring three times a year for all students in grades K–5, using the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) assessment program. DIBELS measures the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient reader. The tool was designed to help identify children experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of basic early literacy skills, in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.