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Why Choose BCA?

Learning that goes above and beyond
Our innovative program is challenging and compelling. Students encounter critical core content—and go above and beyond with opportunities for authentic service leadership and project-based learning. As a dual-accredited institution, we align our college-preparatory curriculum with state educational standards and then provide more—like Spanish language classes for all K–12 students—to prepare them for a changing, globally interconnected future.

A passion for teaching and learning
With steadfast dedication, our exceptional teachers help each student to learn in ways that are personal and meaningful. With remarkable passion, skill and dedication, they respond to individual student needs, at all levels. They’re role models and respected leaders with a love of truth and a thirst for learning. They serve to guide, spark, inspire and challenge students to explore new ideas and perspectives, to delight in discovering their strengths and accomplishing great work.

A close-knit community
Come visit and you’ll feel the difference first-hand. There’s a special warmth about the place that’s palpable…a sense that this is a school with soul. A culture of kindness permeates the campus—at recess, during lunchtime, in sports and after-school activities. A sense of family makes everyone feel they belong.

“BCA is like family” is a refrain heard time and time again. (True, being a K–12 school, we are full of siblings!) Faculty, staff, students and parents work closely together to create a fun, supportive, tight-knit community united by love of learning and core Christian values and beliefs.

An ideal school model
Our K–12 structure is one of our greatest strengths. Teachers truly get to know every child in the school and follow them as they mature through the years. An optimal environment for social/emotional development as well as academic achievement, the K–12 school model ensures a continuum of learning and support. Older students develop leadership skills by serving as role models and mentors. Younger students look forward to their time to shine!

A sense of identity and calling
A BCA education is about core knowledge and core beliefs. It is about family and friendships, about faith in God that grows ever deeper and more vibrant. Students leave here forever marked with the skills, values, and sensibilities to lead lives of purpose. Poised, equipped, and confident, they emerge with a remarkable sense of self-knowledge and a passion for serving the Lord with the gifts they have been given.



Parent Testimonials

“I love that my elementary, middle, and high school children can attend school together—only one school to drop off all four kids!!”

“The teaching staff is excellent and provide an educational environment that is Christ-centered, loving, creative, and challenging.”


Barrington Christian Academy

What Makes BCA Special?

·      students are known and cared for

·      exceptional teaching

·      meaningful, purposeful learning

·      warm, welcoming community

·      Christian focus and spiritual formation

·      cohesive K–12 school experience

·      small classes

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