Leading by Serving Starts Now

Dear Parents of International Students,

Greetings from Barrington Christian Academy!

To parents of returning BCA students: it is our privilege to walk beside your child on their journey as emerging leaders. Many of our international students are accepting the challenge of leadership, even while continuing to improve their English and study hard in their classes. Some of our Chinese students are continuing to lead a Chinese language club for their English-speaking friends; another has started an art club for younger students. Several international students are key members of our athletic teams; another represents her peers on our Student Government and is pursuing her passion for dance; and another is singing in our A Capella choir and has been selected to represent our school at the All-State Choral Festival. Two of our international students are participating in an international service trip for the first time, and another is returning for his second trip. While each students’ story is unique, they all share something in common. As they prepare for entrance into selective universities, they are accomplishing something even more profound: they are developing into wise and compassionate leaders who understand the complexities and responsibilities of true leadership.

We look forward to continuing this journey with your child. Attached is this year’s re-enrollment form. You will notice some new policies this year. Your child’s tuition will remain the same for the remaining duration of his BCA education. And parents who are ready to re-enroll their child early will enjoy a discount on tuition. Please see the form below for more details.

Thank you again for the opportunity to partner with you in the development of your child.

Yours truly,
Sean Hunley
Head of School