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Affording a BCA education

Thank you for considering a BCA education for your child!  Selecting a school is a big decision, and a college-preparatory private education represents a significant investment in your child.  It may well be within your family’s reach, though!

Students from a wide variety of economic backgrounds experience a transformative BCA education, thanks to our remarkably robust program of tuition assistance.  In fact, over half our students are supported in part by BCA tuition assistance.

Considering a BCA education but not sure if you can afford it?  We can provide a customized tuition package based on various financial factors.  If you qualify for tuition assistance, we make every effort to maintain your award each year, as long as your demonstrated need remains the same.


Due to generous support from our donors, we are pleased to be able to offer the following tuition rates for BCA students next year.


After the first child, the annual tuition is reduced by $300.00 for each additional child enrolled at BCA.


After an initial setup, tuition payments are made automatically on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis through our online tuition management system, FACTS.  Monthly payments are made from July through June.


In addition, more than 50% of our students receive scholarships and financial aid to reduce the cost of tuition. Aid is available in a variety of forms, and considers many factors, so many families can qualify for tuition assistance.

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