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Every person is an artist! Walk through the hallways at BCA and you’ll find beautiful and intriguing exhibits on every wall. You’ll hear the dulcet tones of choirs practicing and theater kids reciting lines. You’ll get an immediate sense that the arts are an essential part of the educational experience here, not just a box to be checked.

BCA is known for its outstanding arts programs, and we’re proud of this, indeed. Vibrant arts programs help promote creativity, collaboration, self-discipline, and flexibility. They inspire new ways of looking at old problems and bring different dimensions of learning to life.

In addition to providing Music, Theater and Visual Art programs for our K–12 students, we routinely integrate the arts into learning experiences across the disciplines. As educators we know this practice of integration serves to illuminate and explain, motivate and engage, and ultimately deepen learning and understanding.

Artist Of The Month

Kayla is a junior studying psychology at the University of Rhode Island. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island and attended Barrington Christian Academy for 11 years. Her work has been recognized in the congressional statewide art competition. In addition, she was chosen to display her photography on the University of Rhode Island Dean’s holiday card this year. Kayla is a self-taught artist who enjoys using a variety of media including acrylics, oils, collage, alcohol ink, watercolor, mixed media and more. The piece above is alcohol ink on Yupo paper that has been mounted onto wood. Art has always been one of her passions. Throughout her life, through the good times and bad, art has always been an expressive outlet. Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/KRDArtwork to see more of her work.

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