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Choral singing is an integral part of arts education, which is a necessary component of a comprehensive and competitive education.

Singing in choir promotes academic achievement and develops success skills while also building a sense of community. Singing in choir provides a sense of real belonging, offers new opportunities for learning, encourages student engagement, and promotes civic engagement.The collective expression of a chorus singing together has the power to lift spirits and transform lives.

K-8 music classes enable all students at the Lower School and Middle School to learn basic music theory and history while rehearsing for Christmas and spring performances.  Seventh-grade music class focuses on jazz appreciation, while eighth-grade music class serves as the rehearsal setting for the eighth-grade musical theater production.

At the high school level, students may choose electives such as High School Choir and Music Theory I and II.

Early elementary students learn to sing and perform in Praise Chorus, continuing to develop their skills as members of the BCA Chorus for grades 3-5.  Middle School Choir enables vocalists to take their performances to the next level with more sophisticated arrangements and harmonies.  All these ensembles perform at our Christmas and spring programs, and the Middle School Choir routinely performs off campus at various community venues and functions.

High School Choir

The BCA High School Choir is dedicated to the joyful process of creating choral music as a collaborative group. Focused on music that is aesthetically noteworthy and lyrically thoughtful, the choir builds critical skills and illuminates the beauty of the human voice. Music at BCA:

  • Exposes students to a variety of musical genres, both past, and present
  • Teaches proper vocal technique
  • Encourages camaraderie among students through music-making and group activities
  • Employs the musical gifts and achievements of the choir to further God’s Kingdom

Along with three main concerts each year, the choir performs at various school functions and outreach opportunities. Social activities for members include the annual Fall Retreat and a trip to see a collegiate or professional choral concert each spring. Every four years, the choir tours throughout New England, performing at churches and veterans’ homes in central and western Massachusetts. BCA also participates in the RIMEA Senior Division Choral Festival at the University of Rhode Island. Individual choir members may audition for the RIMEA All-State Festival and Solo & Small Ensemble Festival as well.

Performances include:

RIMEA Senior Division Choral Festival

Each year BCA is honored to participate in this statewide event organized by the Rhode Island Music Educators Association (RIMEA).  At the Senior Division Choral Festival, high school choirs perform three selections for a panel of judges and receive an evaluation and suggestions for improvements. This is a valuable education experience as well as a fun way to connect with other singers from throughout the state.

BCA Spring Program

When spring bursts forth, music fills the air! This annual celebration features performances by all ensembles schoolwide as well as the eighth-grade musical production.

High School Commencement

The BCA High School Choir plays a vital role in the annual graduation ceremony, performing three spirit-filled selections during the event.


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