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Lower School and Middle School
Step inside the Art Room and let your imagination run wild!

This is a place of vivid colors, ideas and possibilities. Classes and projects focus on student-driven discovery and expression. When the student is actively engaged in the creative process, this is when the learning really begins!

At BCA we aim to ignite inquiry through the following strategies:

  • Creative exploration and expression through a variety of art mediums
  • Learning and discussing the visual arts, both past and present
  • Exposure to the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design
  • Observing the world around us to see the wonders that God has made

High School
During the high school years, the arts are vital.

Older students begin their artistic journey by learning to observe. As they learn to see things more closely, and find the courage to take risks, they find that they can draw. As these skills are developed over time, an appreciation of creation grows as well as an appreciation for the Creator.

At the High School level, students begin with a Drawing I course. Then they may choose from a wide range of electives, which may include Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking, 2D Design, Sculpture and Senior Studio. We also offer a Photography Club.

Over time, as students are afforded the opportunity to develop competencies in several artistic areas and with a variety of media, they learn to communicate through the arts. Classroom critiques offer regular opportunities to exchange ideas and encourage one another.

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