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School pride and spirit runs far and wide.

What’s life like at BCA? Friendly. Active. Spirited. Fun. Students and teachers are involved and engaged, encouraged to explore their own interests as well as the bigger mysteries of God’s creation.

From service projects to mission work, everyone can connect and contribute in ways that speak to them personally and serve a bigger, far-reaching purpose.

From their first days on campus, BCA students feel like they belong. They know they are part of a warm extended family, an inclusive community united by the love of Christ, a passion for learning, and a calling to serve others.

Parents are very involved in every facet of the school, from the board of trustees to the classroom. BCA views the education of students as a partnership between parents and the school, so we encourage parents to become involved in the children’s education by being informed, supportive, available and involved in the life of our school.

Fellowship happens organically around here, and through organized programs designed to strengthen faith. Through shared experiences during chapel services and retreats, short-term missions and ongoing service projects, we learn, grow and form bonds that last.

Informal learning opportunities abound, both on and off campus. Clubs and activities span sports, the arts, student leadership, and cultural discovery. Students can dabble in different spheres, explore new interests and develop their God-given gifts while building friendships for life.

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