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Christian Life

Immersed in a nurturing and challenging Christian environment, BCA students grow as individuals and as a community together encountering God’s compelling love.

By learning with teachers and peers from a variety of Christian denominations, students stretch their perspectives and find common ground around basic tenets of the Christian faith. Through “learning by doing” from a young age, they discover and develop their interests and gifts, find and forge a sense of meaningful direction, learn to appreciate and engage with the bigger world around them, and internalize the values of God’s Kingdom.

A biblical worldview is reflected in our curriculum and in every activity of the school. Through Bible classes, chapel services, retreats, mentor group meetings and more, BCA sows the seeds of faith and guides students toward fulfilling lives of service to God and their neighbor.


Elementary students attend their own chapel service twice each month, with interactive, drama-based Bible lessons and stories featuring the talents of students and teachers.  Elementary students periodically join the middle schoolers and high schoolers for all-school chapels as well.  Lower School services are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, from 9:15–10 a.m.

Weekly chapel is an important and integral part of teen life at BCA. Our own worship team, comprised of students and a professional musician mentor, leads the weekly worship. Chapel messages are brought by faculty, students, and special guests, and some services are reserved entirely for prayer and musical worship. Middle/High School Chapel is held weekly on Tuesday from 8:20-9:15. Students in the High School and Middle School alternate Chapel with Mentor Groups.

God’s truth is the foundation for everything that we teach. Bible classes are an important part of our academic curriculum at the Lower and Middle School levels, enabling students to develop biblical literacy and to discover foundational Scriptural concepts. At the High School level, students are challenged to go beyond the basics, developing a deep understanding of the historical context and diversity of the Christian Church, examining culture in the light of scripture, discovering the relevance and beauty of theology, and re-experiencing their faith in a fresh, thoughtful, and transformative way.  High school Bible classes are integral to that process:

  • Freshman: The Torah & the Prophets
  • Sophomore: Psalms, Wisdom Literature & the Gospels
  • Junior: New Testament Epistles, Theology
  • Senior: Contemporary Issues
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