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What makes us tick? In the HeartBeat blog, faculty and students get to the heart of what matters most—in our school, in the wider community and out in the world.

Class of 2020: A Most Unique Graduation

Barrington Christian Academy celebrated the Class of 2020 with a (socially distanced) outdoor graduation ceremony and a speech from their chosen keynote speaker, high school history teacher Melanie Twitchell.
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Deafening Silence

BY JULIANA JOHNSON, BCA JUNIOR This is for the people who hide in their hurt.…

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Foreign Language Proficiency for All

FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY FOR ALL While most Americans study a foreign language in school, few…

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Passion Projects

Passion Projects initiative is a BCA High School Club organized by Mrs. McGloin, made up…

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Philly Mission Trip Reflection

The Philadelphia mission trip was agreeably a life changing experience. We saw the hardships of…

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Youth Congress Rep.

  Hello, my name is Kaylee Proulx. I am a senior here at Barrington Christian…

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Exams – Why Not Try Something New?

Hear from our Spanish teacher, Shannon Norquist, about new techniques for language instruction and feel…

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A closer look inside!

“The best experience of my life” is how one high school student described our recent…

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Racial Justice Week Wrap-up

Last year, high school students read a biography of Claudette Colvin, an unsung hero of…

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What did he say?

During Mrs. Wright’s Back-to-School Night address, she said that there are times that "I engage…

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