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Passion Projects

Passion Projects initiative is a BCA High School Club organized by Mrs. McGloin, made up of High School students who want to participate in leading by serving by getting involved with the community. I am a freshman, and this is my first year being involved. During the first two quarters of the year we have worked with an advocacy group called Day One, and with the Providence Police Department. Day One’s mission is to advocate for children who have been victims of human trafficking and/or sexual abuse and violence.

Day One provides a safe house for these children. Every child that is admitted to the house for the first time gets a new teddy bear and a journal. The purpose of the teddy bear is to provide comfort, and the journal is a way for the children to express themselves and their emotions. Passion Projects fundraised money to buy bags filled with teddy bears and journals. I was really blessed to go deliver our contribution to Day One with Mrs. McGloin and others in Passion Projects. When we got there they were so grateful, they took us on a tour of the facility and we met with the director who really helped us understand what Day One really is. She told us that their mission is to reduce the sexual abuse and violence in our community. The next two quarters we will continue to donate to the Providence Police Department. When someone calls the police because they’ve been in a situation of human trafficking, the police would provide the victim with a bag containing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, underwear, socks and shoes. This year the Police Department did not have enough money to buy these necessities so they had to rely on other resources such as police suits.

By the end of the year, Passion Projects will have donated 50 individual bags filled with all the items that these girls and boys need to help them feel safe and clean as they start a new life, and to also foster a good relationship and trust with the police officers. Before my involvement with Passion Projects I did not know this organization existed and I did not know about this specific work that the police are doing to help the victims of sexual abuse and violence. I appreciate the opportunity to do something real for the boys and girls that are victims of sexual abuse and violence. I can contribute to my community in a practical way, right now. This experience has been amazing for me and I hope that Passion Projects would fund raise enough money to provide at least 50 bags.

Are you ready to help me by donating to Passion Projects?

Juliette Silahian

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