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Philly Mission Trip Reflection

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The Philadelphia mission trip was agreeably a life changing experience. We saw the hardships of the city through cleaning up garbage on the streets and around schools. We saw the need in the city through sorting clothes for thrift stores to support groups like Whosoever Gospel Mission or cleaning in places like Sunday Breakfast. We saw the brokenness of the city through the eyes of the children we worked with at after school care programs like Ayuda or The Neighborhood Center. Though the city we saw was broken, we couldn’t ignore the goodness in the people who lived there. Our leaders, whether student, teacher, or from CSM all supported us and taught us that though there is much to be done there is still hope; God is not done.

There were fun times as well! Between mattress slides, downtime music, and overall simply enjoying each other’s company we were always on our feet! And yet, debriefs and worship allowed us to internalize and reflect on the day’s trials, miracles, and the blessings that have molded us into people who are not ashamed to further God’s Kingdom and excited to become more like Him! We have all fallen in love with this city, not only because of the individual ties we have all made, but because it has shown us how to love each other and God.


“Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city.”


Written by Sarah McDonald, sophomore.

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