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Hello, my name is Kaylee Proulx. I am a senior here at Barrington Christian Academy and have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to represent BCA at the Rhode Island Congressional Youth Advisory Council. This is a youth congress run by congressman David Cicilline. He created this congress so he could get an understanding of student’s views on different political topics and the doctrine he is trying to get passed in the Washington DC congress. BCA has provided me with many amazing opportunities that I would not be able to receive at any other school. When I was granted this position, I was ecstatic and beyond thankful!
The first congress meeting was December 16. I met with a group of eight other kids my age from schools all around Rhode Island. With David Cicilline, we discussed and learned about the events that took place in the 114th Congress. Then we had a civil, debated, discussion about the following political issues: Net neutrality, FAFSA’s loan programs, the rights of immigrants, drug abuse, gun violence, and the Better Deal. David Cicilline shared a lot about his work to try to make our student loan system like that of Switzerland’s where every paycheck would have 7 percent of it taken out to pay off student debt. Also, he talked about passing doctrine that would allow students, with families that make under 125,000 dollars a year, the opportunity to go to a public four-year university for free. Throughout my experience, I was able to share my thoughts and feelings on these topics. God even allowed me to share my biblically grounded views on these political topics and shine a light in that conference room. I was not afraid to respectfully, challenge ideas in a kind manner as I asked Mr. Cicilline why he couldn’t include those that make over 125,000 dollars a year the opportunity of free college. I also asked him why he didn’t consider families that make over 125,000 dollars a year that have massive amounts of debt. He answered both my questions willingly, kindly, and happily, and told me those who made over the mark would use the paycheck payment plan of 7 percent.
Overall, my experience at this congress was amazing! I was able to meet new people and make connections with the congressman that I could potentially use in the future. Before this meeting, I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a college degree in political science and go on to law school. At the end of the meeting, while driving back home, I felt the Lord tug on my heart, and he allowed me to know that he wants me in the political world and will guide the way for me to get my law degree. Again, this all could not have happened if BCA didn’t give me the opportunity to have a seat on this Congress. Forever I will be grateful for this position, and I know God will use me through it!
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