Students and graduates will lead by serving in every arena of society- with passion, skill, integrity + faith. 

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Why BCA?

We believe in preparing K-12 students to lead by serving in every arena- with passion, skill, integrity, and faith. 

Learn how we implement this vision in our admission brochure and see if BCA is the right fit for you and your family.

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To nurture, equip and encourage students in the development of their God-given potential.


Leading by serving. It's embedded in our curriculum, in our mindset, in our way of life. 

Barrington Christian Academy is a Christ-centered, private education for students in Kindergarten-12th Grade.

"The faith integration, along with teachers who are passionate for Christ, is something I would not have experienced at any other school."

Rebekah Jarvis - EC Class of 2016
Cornell University

Read more of Rebekah's story and others like it here!

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Finding the right private
school can be

Our FREE Start Smart e-book 
helps make the process easier.

Watch this Smart Video!

Watch this Smart Video!

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Our FREE Start Smart 
e-book helps make 
the process easier.

Finding the right private school can be challenging.

9 Old County Rd. Barrington, RI 02806
Call 401.246.0113  |  www.bcacademy.org