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Stratton Scholarship

The Stratton Scholarship Fund assists in the tuition needs of specific students selected by the members of the Financial Aid Committee according to the following guidelines:

The original donor requests that the funds not be distributed to the same student(s) each year.

The family of the student(s) receiving the assistance must demonstrate financial need through the usual financial aid application process.

Victoria Sousa Scholarship

This full scholarship, supported by the Victoria Sousa Fund, is awarded to one student and is automatically renewed for each year of the student’s BCA career.  Per the wishes of the funder, the recipient must be the child of a Barrington Christian Academy alumna(us) who is a single parent receiving no child support income.  The student must demonstrate “a heart after God, the gift of prayer, and strong leadership qualities.”  The student must “work best in an engaging, hand-on environment, benefit from peer modeling opportunities in the classroom, work well with peers, set an example for other students, thrive in an environment where they can express and grow in their love for God, and adhere to Christian values and the rules set by Barrington Christian Academy.”

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