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A Rhode Island native, Donna resides in Riverside with her husband, Chris, and three children, James, Jessica, and Alyssa, who have all been students at BCA since kindergarten. Donna was called to become a nurse after spending many months at a hospital when her brother became a paraplegic over 30 years ago.

She decided to go into pediatrics because of her love of children, and began her nursing career as a new grad (1988) in the pediatric until of Rhode Island Hospital (Potter 2). She was a member of the committee for the development of Hasbro Children’s Hospital representing the nursing staff, and continued as a pediatric nurse once Hasbro was built until she decided to stay home with her children in 2004.

After subbing for a couple of years, she felt blessed to be offered the school nurse and health teacher position at BCA (2011) and enjoys caring for school-aged children once again. Outside of nursing, Donna enjoys reading, cooking, bike riding, skiing, gardening, being outdoors, and spending time with family.

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