Celebrating 40 Years!
Shannon Norquist

Shannon Norquist

K-12 Spanish Teacher

B.A. in Spanish, Messiah College
Certificate in Biblical Counseling at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation in Philadelphia

Mrs. Shannon Norquist lives with her wonderful husband, three creative children and one energetic dog in a lovely victorian home. Before moving to Providence, she hailed from New Jersey (where she taught high school Spanish for three years) and Philadelphia (where she dabbled with graduate school but opted out in favor of marriage). Marriage brought her to New England in 2007 and her first teaching experience in a Christian school setting. There is a spark that comes with teaching in an environment where one is encouraged to invest their full personhood through their faith in the students around them. Mrs. Norquist has found that spark to be contagious and especially vibrant at BCA as she plays the dual role of teacher and parent. Her great joy is to chat about life and Jesus with any students who will spare her some lunch time.
Mrs. Norquist learned Spanish at Messiah College through a study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately, she left a small piece of her heart in Spain and has been unable to locate it since. Her great solace is making a tortilla espanola for dinner while The Gypsy Kings play in the background. While Mrs. Norquist loves Spanish language, culture, food and music, her deepest and truest love among leisure activities can be found in the dance studio. She has been dancing since age 6 and hopes to dance beyond age 66. It has been a great gift to be able to share that love with students at BCA. Mrs. Norquist believes that there is deep beauty and soul truth and freedom expressed in the art of dance. Secretly she longs to let loose and do cartwheels down the hall when no one is looking, but so far she has held herself back.